DCTclock’s patented system can provide unparalleled insight into cognitive state inexpensively and non-invasively. If you are interested in measuring and monitoring cognitive function, we can help.

Researchers & Investigators

  • DCTclock provides the ability to objectively measure cognitive status easily and non-invasively.
  • DCTclock technology may be helpful in assessing cognitive function to further understand the effects of interventions and procedures such as surgery, the use of anesthetic, and chemotherapy. The ability to objectively track cognitive change may also have utility in investigating conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, and more.
  • Each test provides very detailed information about your participant’s cognitive status including insights into areas such as memory, language processing, spatial planning, and executive function, eliminating the need for lengthy batteries of assessments.

Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Pre-screen normal control subjects.
  • Identify presymptomatic participants for more expensive & invasive screening for clinical trials.
  • Assess drug efficacy by detecting subtle changes in cognitive functioning.
  • Facilitate clinical testing of preventative treatments.
  • Provide opportunity for new treatment intervention targets through earlier identification of cognitive decline.
  • Link biomarker research to cognitive indicators for validity & cognition metrics.

Insurance Providers

  • DCTclock technology may mitigate the need for expensive imaging and allow early use of effective treatments, which can prevent or delay the need for costly and/or intrusive interventions.

This patented technology has been developed over the past 10 years at The Lahey Hospital & Medical Center and MIT, and it has been used in research at multiple clinical sites both nationally and internationally. Our first area of focus has been Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease, but our proprietary system may be useful in detecting cognitive change indicative of early impairment or improvement in a wide range of conditions, including: